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Tent Pegs Australia is a mobile, unique glamping experience for nature lovers and adventure seekers;
one which will reconnect you with nature surrounded by the people you love,
in our amazing South Australian backyard.
An eco-friendly break with a touch of luxury and magic.

Our boho-themed bell tent will take you in a full immersion, with blurred lines between indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing campers to fully experience their place in the natural world’s rich biodiversity while having a tailor made glamping experience. 

It is a voyage into the world of forgotten explorers and old-fashioned adventurers’ camps,
where the smell of wood smoke and damp earth fills the air and the raw beauty of simple and authentic things becomes the world’s biggest luxury. We only need for you to pick your favourite spot and we’ll do the rest!

Discovering the thrill of sleeping in the midst of the forest with only a layer of canvas between you and the starlit night, is a dream come true for the inner child that lives within us. Our outdoor kitchen and pizza oven will bring to your experience the taste of home-cooked meals, life can’t get any better than this!

At Tent Pegs Australia we believe in hot sunny days, refreshing summer storms, the swirling mists of autumn, in leisurely sunsets and the rustling of the wind in the trees. We aim to provide couples and families with a off-grid distinctive escape giving them the opportunity to engage with nature and get children playing outside in the fresh air.

We believe in loving every minute of it and in waking every morning from the warm embrace of your shelter;
ready to seize the bright, sunny day ahead, with loads of exciting and diverse outdoor activities on your doorstep such as hiking, kayaking, surfing and cycling.

Last but not least, for the little ones looking to create the childhood memories of a lifetime, we have the “Tiny Glamping Teepee”, cause not only adults are the only ones to get the ultimate experience of glamping!
This is the Tent Pegs Australia spirit

Wishing you a happy, unique and memorable experience

Hamo & Ester - Tent Pegs Australia



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